Shipra Malhotra

Shipra Malhotra

I am a postgraduate in Human Resource Management and have led and conducted several trainings in the corporate sector.

Also,I am a certified Calligraphy professional and have been conducting trainings and workshops for more than a decade.  I have conducted research on various facets of Calligraphy. I am well versed with different styles and fonts related to Calligraphy. I have been extensively involved in imparting Calligraphy lessons to teachers and other professionals. My work has been appreciated and acknowledged by several leading schools in Mumbai.

A multi-faceted personality with an innovative mind, expertise in fine arts. One of the areas which needs special mention is Calligraphy. She has done remarkable work in the field. She was been associated for nine long years during which, she has not only structured the curriculum of Calligraphy for students from Class 5 to Class 8, but also displayed an exemplary qualities by training other teachers by conducting different workshops.

  • Wherein, teachers were made familiar with minutest details and intricacies of the art.

  • She has conducted various workshops and summer school classes for years together for our school.

  • She also wrote personally 400 certificates to be given to Principals of ICSE Schools of Mumbai on behalf of AVM.

  • She is a highly proficient Calligraphist and has perfected her skills by going through various books on the subject and practiced the same for nearly two decades now.

  • I am delighted to know that she has scripted a book on the subject and we assure this book will be of immense use to students and practitioners of Calligraphy.