Kenmark’s fluid interface design and power-tailored solutions provide a greater level of personalisation, giving you control over the look and feel of the user interface, and the ability to incorporate your own data and special ways of processing this data into ERP. The result is a highly configurable system designed to adapt and change as your requirements evolve.

Customised Panes

Kenmark ERP Customised Panes is one of Kenmark’s powerful tailoring capabilities and enables the creation of user-defined views using various graphical components such as graphs, list views and web applications. These views can be defined using built-in templates or constructed as required using VBScripting.

Electronic Signatures

Kenmark Electronic Signatures provides authentication and tracking of system activity against key business processes and sensitive data, thereby enabling the security of transactions.

Power Tailoring

Kenmark Power Tailoring can be as simple as rearranging fields on a form or creating a Favorites menu. However, it also equips you to build complete applications to automate business processes and apply company rules. Customisation in Kenmark comprises a number of facilities and features which enable you to personalise, tailor and configure the system to better suit group or individual user requirements, and to streamline business processes.

Process Modelling

Kenmark Process Modelling (KPM) is a personalised baseline business process modelling tool which integrates Kenmark KiKi ERPwith the customer’s requirements. KPM provides a model-driven architecture which enables companies to align information technology with organisational strategy, business objectives and sustainability. KPM provides a transparent view of an enterprise’s uniquely modeled processes and organisational roles.

System Manager

Kenmark System Manager serves as the foundation of the KiKi system. It provides the ability to define the environment, configure set-up options and tables, format stationery and seamlessly integrate applications for efficient data processing. It also provides the tools to personalise Kenmark’s user-friendly interface.

Web Application

Kenmark Web Applications is a component of Kenmark Solutions, designed to provide out-ofthe- box applications to run on Internet and intranet platforms. These applications can be easily customised to suit end-user requirements, and leverage the Microsoft .NET framework to deliver a web browser interface to the Kenmark ERP system. They are constructed using ASP.NET – a unified web development platform designed to build enterprise-class web solutions – and allow users limited Kenmark functionality without requiring installation of the Kenmark product.