Node JS

An Introduction to Node.js

In today’s date number of people are connecting to the Internet. Making their life easier and making smarter, they are enrolling latest technologies with them. If we talk about technology more in detail then Software as well as Hardware are running parallel. Daily new technology is taking birth.

If we only magnify about software then there are various things available and those are Web Technology. There are many technologies which has been used for Web Development. And today we will introduce about Node.Js which came from most popular Script JavaScript.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage JavaScript run-time condition that executes JavaScript code server-side. Truly, JavaScript was utilized basically for customer side scripting, in which contents written in JavaScript are inserted in a page’s HTML and run customer side by a JavaScript motor in the client’s internet browser. Node.js gives engineers a chance to utilize JavaScript to compose Command Line instruments and for server-side scripting—running contents server-side to deliver dynamic site page content before the page is sent to the client’s internet browser. Therefore, Node.js speaks to a “JavaScript all over” paradigm, bringing together web application improvement around a solitary programming dialect, as opposed to various dialects for server side and customer side contents.

However .js is the customary filename augmentation for JavaScript code, the name “Node.js” does not allude to a specific document in this unique circumstance and is only the name of the item. Node.js has an occasion driven design fit for nonconcurrent I/O. These outline decisions intend to enhance throughput and adaptability in web applications with numerous information/yield activities, and additionally for continuous Web applications (e.g., constant correspondence projects and program games).

The Node.js dispersed improvement venture, administered by the Node.js Foundation, is encouraged by the Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects program.